ANYTONE D878UV nová verze firmwaru 1.10

Na konci roku vyšla nová verze firmwaru pro radistanici ANYTONE D878UV VE VERZI 1.10.

Aktualizace probíhá v několika krocích, který jsou dobře popsány v přiložených pdf souborech.

D878UV firmware update V1.10 (dated 2018-12-30)

1. Add new menu item in radio Menu->GPS-> Start Test or CPS ->Optional Setting->Power On->Starup GPS Test. With both the Start Test and GPS function are ON, when power on radio, it will enter into GPS test mode first and stay 1minute at GPS test mode before it goes into normal mode. This function may improve the GPS lock speed. Either Start Test or GPS is OFF, the radio will start up at the normal mode.

2. Change the color of roaming icon , red means the roaming is failed, green means the roaming is successful.

3. Add the Analog APRS Signal Path in the Radio Menu – APRS.

4. In CPS ->Channel, add a function “Exclude channel from roaming”, when this function is on, the roaming function is invalid in this channel.

5. Add the ON/OFF for date time display.

6. Revise the auto power of, when there is a signal come in or user press PTT key, the auto power of count time will be cleared and re-count.

7. Resolve the issue that the backlight is not of in set time when RX analog signal.

8. Add the “repeater check interval” and “times of repeat reconnections” in the radio menu – Roaming.

9. In CPS->Optional Setting ->Auto repeater-> Repeater out of range reminder(times), it will allow the user set up the reminder times for the “Repeater out of range” to show on screen.

Stažení nové verze firmwaru pro Anytone AT-D878UV


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